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I love this idea of surprising a different artist or new maker each month with a financial boost. We can really make someone’s day and make sure they know we believe in and appreciate their work.

TGAW (Vicky Somma)

Software Developer, Hiker, American Chestnut Enthusiast, Author of Blender 3DPrinting by Example, #ERRF/#3DPrintopia Board Member...and Mom of Two!

What is it?:

At ArtZaps, we believe in the power of connection – not just circuits and currents, but the dynamic links between creators, enthusiasts, and dreamers. Too often, artists don’t fully grasp the impact of their work or how much they are valued. With ArtZaps, we aim to change that. Our mission is to energize and empower by fostering a supportive community where every artist’s contributions are recognized and celebrated. We’re not just a platform; we’re a movement dedicated to uplifting artists and showcasing the transformative power of their creativity.

What We’re About:

Championing Artists and Community Engagement:

Creating a space where appreciation for art and artists isn’t just encouraged – it’s essential. We believe in the power of appreciation and recognition and are dedicated to shining a spotlight on creators who inspire and innovate, often without realizing the impact of their work.

Direct Support to Artists:
Every contribution at ArtZaps goes directly towards supporting artists within our community. Each month, the Zap Pack selects an artist to receive our collective support, truly making a difference in their creative journey and helping to bring their artistic visions to life.

The ArtZaps Magazine:
With an exciting new development in the works, ArtZaps is set to supercharge its offerings. The upcoming ArtZaps Magazine will be a quarterly publication, sparking with artist spotlights, electrifying stories, and high-voltage insights. This magazine is poised to be a beacon of inspiration, connecting makers and designers across the globe.

Community-Driven Growth:
We start with a few core offerings, but we’re all ears! Tell us what you want from ArtZaps – your ideas will shape our future, including the content and direction of our magazine.

Collaborative Projects and Discussions:
Engage in projects that bring us together, and discussions that spark new ideas. From the pages of our magazine to the threads of our online forums, every conversation and collaboration is an opportunity to grow and inspire.

Ready to Make a Spark?
Become a Member and dive into a world where your voice matters, your art is celebrated, and your ideas can take flight.  Click here to join the Zap Pack!

Got a Flare for Creativity?
We’re always looking for volunteers to help fuel the ArtZaps Magazine and other initiatives. If you’re itching to contribute, whether through writing, design, or just your enthusiastic spirit, we’d love to have you on board. email [email protected]