Penguin Army – Berserker

Don’t let his size fool you, this penguin is all fire and ice!

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Meet the second member of our ever-growing Penguin Army from the new Super Mario Brothers movie – our adorable little berserker! He stands in a squat, arms low and back, flippers clenched into fists. Don’t let his size fool you, this penguin is all fire and ice, ready to charge into the fray!

His head is tilted skyward, mouth open in a fervent battle cry that, while possibly only reaching the decibels of a small trumpet, is filled with the unyielding spirit of a true warrior. His eyes shine with the crazy, untamed spirit of a penguin who’s not just in the fight, but is the fight.

Our berserker penguin encapsulates the frenzied and relentless energy of our Penguin Army. Small in stature, but gigantic in bravado, he is an unstoppable force, determined to take on any challenge that comes his way.

Whether you’re adding to your Mario-inspired collection, or just love the idea of a feisty, screaming penguin ready to bring chaos and cuteness into your life, this 3D model is perfect for you. And remember, in the world of 3D printing, size isn’t everything – it’s all about the attitude! Happy printing, everyone!


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