Sleeping Pokemon!

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Welcome to my Pokémon series! Kicking off with the delightfully snoozing Sandshrew, this series celebrates our favorite Pokémon characters in their most tranquil moments. This Sandshrew, curled up in peaceful slumber, is a single-piece, support-free model that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts.

But this series isn’t just about what I can create – it’s about what we can create together. That’s why I’m inviting all of you to join in this fun endeavor. Let’s turn this into a grand collaboration, with each of us designing our own sleeping Pokémon! It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and put a unique spin on your favorite Pokémon.

Ryan from Inspyr3D has already set the scene with his adorable model of the three starter Pokémon sleeping in a heap. Can you bring your own creative twist to this relaxing Pokémon theme?

Stay tuned as this series expands with more fan-favorite Pokémon and the unique contributions from our incredible community. Don’t forget to check back often for the latest additions, and please do share your creations with us!

Let’s embark on this 3D printing journey together, celebrating the world of Pokémon and the joy of collaborative creation. Are you ready to catch ’em all?

click the images below to download these sleeping Pokemon made by the community

Sleeping Starters Pokemon – Inspyr3d
Sleeping Sandshrew – SparkyFace5
Sleeping cubone – 3DomSculpts
Sleeping Psyduck – Gioteya Designs

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