Aussie Christmas 2023

by | Dec 9, 2023 | 0 comments

Welcome to “Aussie Christmas,” a celebration of the festive season with a uniquely Australian twist. This year, I’m stoked to share with you a growing collection of models that capture the whimsical and warm spirit of an Australian Christmas.

Melting Snowman: A Sunny Holiday Tales

First up, meet our Melting Snowman. In the Aussie summer heat, the traditional snowman takes on a new form – one that’s more puddle than person! This cheeky character embodies the playful nature of an Aussie Christmas, reminding us of the sunny and bright holiday spirit down under.

Joey’s Worldly Adventure

The star of our collection is Joey, a baby kangaroo with a curious streak. Imagine Joey’s surprise when he stumbled upon Santa’s bag, mistaking it for a cozy pouch. Unlike his usual bouncy bed, this ‘pouch’ was filled with gifts and stationary – the perfect spot for a nap. But little did Joey know, his nap would turn into a magical journey across the globe on Santa’s sleigh!

Join Joey’s Journey

Now, it’s your turn to take part in Joey’s adventure. Download the model of Joey from and let him join your holiday celebrations. We’re excited to see how far Joey can travel – snap a photo of Joey in your part of the world and share it with us! Let’s track the global journey of this adorable Aussie traveller. Share your photos and tell us where Joey has landed.

Aussie Christmas” is about capturing the essence of the holidays with a fun, Australian flair. From melting snowmen to kangaroos in Santa’s bag, each model is crafted to bring joy and a smile to your festive season. So, let’s celebrate the holidays the Aussie way!