Otterly Adorable Family

by | Aug 3, 2023 | 0 comments

a family of otters in loving embrace

This SparkyFace5 original creation embodies the beauty of family connection, the strength in togetherness, and the joy of playful moments.

Inspired by a recent trip to the zoo, where my husband unfortunately had to leave early and missed out on seeing his favourite animal (Otters) So I set out to create him a little otter of his own that he could take to work with him. The project grew into this beautiful representation of our wonderful family unit. Each otter is designed to convey a unique emotion, capturing the essence of the bond we share as a family.

Designed to print without supports, the Otter Family is a versatile, approachable project for 3D printing enthusiasts of all skill levels. It’s a model that encourages personal interpretation, creativity, and a deeper connection with the art of 3D printing.

Created in zbrush and 3d printed in resin, the kids even wanted their own so I printed theirs in PLA.