The Penguin Army

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Embrace the courage of the smallest warriors as they embark on icy adventures in the Penguin Army Project. Inspired by the spirited penguin army from the latest Super Mario Brothers movie, these mini marvels are a testament to bravery, unity, and unwavering determination.

About the Project: The Penguin Army Project celebrates the unyielding spirit of these tiny soldiers, portraying each with a unique, determined character. Standing poised with snowballs in flippers, mid battle cry, and determined resolve their expressions are focused and menacing, ready for a snowy standoff.

The Models: Each 3D printable model in this series captures the essence of the Penguin Army’s fierce resolve. Despite their adorable appearance and petite stature, these warriors hold nothing back, ready to face any challenge head-on.


  • Detailed Design: Every model is intricately designed to reflect the Penguins’ robust personalities and battle readiness.
  • Dynamic Poses: Capture the Penguins mid-action, showcasing their readiness for any snowy confrontation.
  • Join the Army: Collect each member of the Penguin Army and bring their adventures to life in your own setting.

Unleash the power of the Penguin Army in your world. Discover the individual characters, revel in their determined poses, and join them in their snowball battles. Be a part of their journey, and let their boundless courage inspire you.

Explore the Penguin Army Collection now and stand with the bravest mini warriors in the coldest battles. Click on an image below do download and 3d print yours.

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