A Colourful Adventure Begins

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In the world of 3D printing, once you’ve sculpted your model, the next big thrill is watching it come to life. But our journey with the Octonauts Vegimals doesn’t end there. These quirky half-vegetable, half-animal characters are now all printed out and waiting for their next transformation – a pop of colour!

That’s right, we’re diving in to the world of model painting! I’ve got my paints lined up, and a shiny new airbrush sitting on my desk. While I’m familiar with the world of 3D printing, I’m a novice in the art of airbrushing. But, as we’ve learned from the Octonauts, it’s all about exploration, adventure, and learning!

So, in the spirit of the Vegimals themselves, who are never afraid of a challenge and are always up for a good laugh, I’m embracing this painting expedition with open arms and a sense of fun. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, but that’s half the excitement, right?

So, as Captain Barnacles often says, “Octonauts, to your stations!” It’s time for me to take up my paintbrush, venture into the unexplored territory, and bring our beloved Vegimals to life in full colour.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the updated, painted Vegimals coming soon. I’m so excited to share the results of this colourful journey with you all!

Stay tuned, and remember to keep creating, exploring, and igniting that spark within!

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