Airbrush Antics to Vegimals Triumph

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It all started with an airbrush. A shiny new tool and a spectrum of paints lay before me. The Vegimals, were primed and ready to dive into a whirlpool of color. Little did I know that this expedition into model painting would become a tale of adventure, resilience, and unexpected lessons.

My airbrush and I began on common ground. There’s a unique camaraderie that forms when one is about to embark on a fresh journey. The various greens for the Vegimals’ uniforms were the first hues to grace their surface. We had a few hiccups due to my adventurous experimentation with thinner, but a few extra coats worked their magic. So far, so good.

The faces of our veggie-creature companions were next. Turnip’s yellow-white hue went on smooth as butter. It was during this phase that I had an epiphany – doing the heads first would’ve been far more efficient. But as they say, every journey has its detours, and every detour brings a new perspective.

Next in line was Codish’s radiant pink. A gorgeous color, but one that decided to rebel. It began a tug-of-war with the airbrush, leading to a blockade that refused to let the paint flow consistently. My airbrush seemed to be on strike, and I was left contemplating my next move.

So, I decided to switch gears and revert to the old-school charm of manual brushing. A humble paintbrush from my children’s art set, slightly frayed and quite evidently loved, became my new ally in this chromatic quest. A bit of grooming, and it was battle-ready.

The entire process was more than just a painting job. It was about adapting, overcoming hurdles, and learning. Every challenge was an opportunity to grow. And in the end, I emerged with a set of Vegimals that not only sported their new vibrant looks but also represented my evolution as a creator.

Stay tuned to witness the final reveal of these vibrant, hand-painted Vegimals. Their journey from digital models to tangible, painted figures has been one filled with color, chaos, and creativity!

in the meantime, if you want to Print and even paint your own versions, they are Free on thangs from now until the 13th July!

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