Brawling into Action

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Spike from Brawl Stars is Here!

You might remember this prickly little fella from our Twitch streams. He’s finally ready to jump into your 3D printing queue.

Spike’s been chomping at the bit (or should I say, ‘the cactus’?) to get into the action. Holding his signature cactus grenade and flashing a winning smile, Spike’s personality really shines through in this model. He can stand tall on his own, but if he’s feeling a bit wobbly, there’s a base to help keep him grounded.

As you may have noticed our Patreon models are now also available on Thangs memberships, so for those of you who have subscribed there, Spike is waiting for you as well.

More to come on this soon, but in the meantime, keep spreading the Spark, and happy printing!

Thangs Downloads Here:

Patreon subscribers
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