Fast Food Frenzy!!

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Guys!! I’m super excited!! Chris Frieze from Inspyr3d and I have been enjoying chilidogs and working together from opposite sides of the planet to bring you this amazing Sonic and Tails piece.

As the first artist collaboration here at Sparkyface5 I really wanted to help create something that is representative of both our journeys’ by making it Fun, flexible, customizable and ever expandable. We have known and supported each other for many years and enjoy a shared history from engineering and a fascination with 3d printing technology into art, 3d design and beyond.

There are 12 sections that make up the classic ring shape and these have been carefully engineered to be able to connect in either orientation so you can create a unique path of hills and valleys to tell your own stories. Also included is 4 variations of the powerups: speed, rings, shield and invincibility for you to swap out as desired.  Also Bonus content: matching filament roller for FDM printers using the infamous 608 bearings!! With experimental features I could really use your help with. (see video explanation here )

I really hope you enjoy 3d printing these and share with us what setups and creative ways you use or add to it!

Working with Chris has been a great experience, he has been positive and easy going throughout and always open to design changes and brainstorming new ideas.
One day I hope to share a chilidog with him in person!

Downloads yours
Sonic and Tails Fast Food Frenzy

Kindly hosted on the Inspyr3d website
Don’t forget to check out their other great models while your there.

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If this is your style of work and you’d like to do a collab on a character let me know.


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