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Hey Sparky Fam!

Remember the entrancing world of “Fern Gully”? It holds a special place in many of our hearts, especially with its vibrant characters. Well, I’ve taken the leap and crafted my first-ever human-like 3D model, inspired by none other than the enchanting fairy, Crysta.

I’ll be honest; this was a challenging endeavour. Humanoid figures, or fairy figures in this case, come with their unique complexities. But when I saw the final product, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Crysta emerged beautifully, mirroring the spirit of the film and her character’s essence.

Crysta’s story in the film resonated with so many of us. It’s a tale of personal growth, discovery, and most significantly, the strength of character and self-expression. Through the eyes of the smitten Zac, she was a “totally bodacious babe!” But what’s striking about Crysta is her oblivion to such labels. She’s free-spirited, optimistic, and carries an infectious curiosity about the world around her. Her nurturing and empathetic nature just adds layers to her allure.

In this 3D model, I aimed to encapsulate that very essence. The pose is more than just a stance; it’s a narrative. It speaks of magic, wonder, and that burning curiosity which drives Crysta throughout the film.

For those of you who’ve been following along, you know I’ve also ventured into the Fern Gully realm with Batty Koda. If you’re keen to bring a slice of Fern Gully magic into your space, both these models, including our lovely Crysta, are available for download on my Thangs page for all members.

Dive back into the world of Fern Gully with me. Let’s relive the magic, one print at a time!

Stay sparky!

Click the image below to download and 3d print Crysta

Learn more about the Fern Gully series of 3d models on the project page click:


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