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Hello. Follow me. *Fart* *Giggles*

A blast from the past! I created this Abe Bust back in 2017 in tribute to the Abe’s Odyssey Game I loved so much. At the time I had only just begun my 3d sculpting journey, and much like Abe, I had no Idea how these first steps would go on to change everything!

If you’ve played it, you’ll most certainly have Abe’s GameSpeak script burned deep into your psyche. The gameplay was both heart poundingly tense as well as hilarious, the sound track was amazing, dynamic and perfect, AND there was a rich story that had me rooting for the underdog that, as an Australian, I could really get behind. It was easily my favourite Playstation game, it was just so .. different! I have many fond and frustrating memories Playing as Abe.

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