The Best Laid Plans..

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There have been many times in my life where my dastardly plans.. I mean.. um..  noble aspirations.. though seemingly foolproof at first have fallen over sideways due to poor documentation habits or messy record keeping. So, don’t suffer as I have, be sure to keep your notes organised and tidy, and always use fresh , clearly marked labels for all your “food prep” adventures!

These Poison Jars from The Emperors New Groove can be 3d printed in clear resin and then filled with coloured liquid, or as pictured above the inside is lined with red UV curable resin. be sure the contents are fully cured before corking if you choose to do this. additionally if you apply a clear coat when done, the jars should regain a transparent glass like appearance!

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~~Thank you to all my patreons and everyone reading this post~~
I am working hard (and keeping better notes) on several new upcoming projects its because of your support that I am able dedicate more time and resources to creating these Spark-tastic creations for you to enjoy.

Please remember to tag me @sparkyface5 if you print or paint any of my models. I love sharing in your joy and seeing what amazing things you come up with!


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