The Octonauts: Bringing Undersea Adventures to Life

by | Jul 4, 2023 | 0 comments

“Sound the OCTO-ALERT! Everyone, to the launch bay”

Welcome aboard, fellow explorers! If you’re familiar with the Octonauts, the whimsical animated show beloved by kids worldwide, you’ll know that beneath the waves of the seven seas lies a crew of ‘Vegimals’ – part animal, part vegetable, and wholly adorable!

As a 3D artist, and more importantly, a parent to two young Octonauts enthusiasts, I was inspired to create these delightful characters. These figures are more than just cute sea creatures; they represent the joy and fascination of undersea exploration and marine biology that Octonauts so artfully teaches its young audience.

Just like in the show, where the Vegimals are “Always ready to make tasty fish biscuits, help with the gardening, and learn new things,” these models are here to bring joy and a sense of adventure to your 3D printing journey. So get ready to explore, rescue, and protect with your very own Vegimals crew!

For more fun, educational, and inspired 3D printing projects like the Octonauts Vegimals, be sure to check out the rest of the site and join in our adventures.

Remember, “Explore! Rescue! Protect!” with your very own 3D-printed Vegimals.

Octonauts, let’s do this! DOWNLOAD the Vegimals now on Thangs! free until the 13th July

Miss out on the free downloads? Fear not.. The vegimals and many other great models are available to supporters who sign up to a SparkyFace5 Memebrship via Thangs!

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