Batty Koda – Fern Gully

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If you’ve ever searched for a “Batty Koda 3D model” or just reminisced about the iconic “Fern Gully characters”, you know that this one bat stands out from the rest. Batty Koda, with his unforgettable antics and heart, brings back so many memories for many of us, especially given that he was voiced by the legendary Robin Williams (my favourite actor ever!)

When I started introducing the 3D model of our quirky bat friend around the 3d printing communities I was met with a plethora of positive responses. So many of you mentioned how much you or your loved ones cherished Fern Gully. Many suggested any Robin Williams-voiced characters were just always the absolute best. And honestly, who could argue? It seems there is a deep underground fan base for this classic 90’s movie and myself among them I couldn’t be happier to find you here!

If you are unfamiliar, let me introduce you: Batty Koda is a kooky bat from the movie Fern Gully (a movie set in the Australia just like me !) his brains are scrambled from all the animal testing he had endured and he was voiced by one of my fav actors Robin Williams! So you can already imagine his character right? Hilarious, spontaneous, a little crazy.. but also caring, kind and loyal, always ready and hoping to put a smile on your face regardless of the situation. he was a great personification of Robin himself.

While creating the model, my goal was to encapsulate not just Batty’s look, but his essence, the spark that Robin gave him. A tribute to the bat whose brains might’ve been a tad scrambled but whose heart was always in the right place. I’ve loved hearing your feedback. It’s been a heart-warming trip down memory lane, sharing stories, laughs, and the pure joy that comes from reminiscing about the good old days.

If you’ve printed Batty, I’d LOVE to see how he turned out. And if you have any Robin Williams favourites or Fern Gully memories, do share. Let’s keep this delightful nostalgia trip going!

Click the image below to download and 3d print Batty

3d printed batty koda from Fern Gully, voiced by Robin Williams. Printed in Siraya Tech navy grey resin.

Learn more about the Fern Gully series of 3d models on the project page click:


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