Fern Gully

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Who’s ready to jump back into the magic of Fern Gully? I’ve been on a creative spree, bringing Zak, Crysta, and Batty Koda to life in 3D form! It’s been a wild ride, filled with laughter (thanks to Batty’s crazy antics), awe, and a whole lotta love for these iconic characters.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into every tiny detail. Batty’s wacky expressions, Crysta’s ethereal charm, and Zak’s friendly vibes – it’s all there, waiting to be part of your world. Ready to relive those cherished memories?

For the True Fern Gully Fans

If you’re a die-hard Fern Gully fan like me, or just love collecting unique 3D pieces, these models are made for you. They’re more than just prints, they’re a trip down memory lane and a chance to bring a piece of Fern Gully magic into your space.

So come join the adventure with me! Let’s explore the enchanting world of Fern Gully together and keep the magic alive.

Snag Them First!

Ready to snag these lovable characters for your collection? Head over to thangs.com/sparkyface5 to grab ‘em and let the Fern Gully fun begin in your own home! Just click an image below to go straight to the source!

Stay Tuned for More

And hey, don’t be a stranger! Stay connected and be the first to know about all the exciting new projects I’m working on. Your support means the world to me, and I can’t wait to share more awesome creations with you all!

render cover image of the 3d model of batty, in the Australian rainforest of Fern Gully. links to thangs page where you can download and 3d print

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