Game Night Just Got a Heartfelt Upgrade

Game Night Just Got a Heartfelt Upgrade

Hey Sparky people, Tessa here getting into something a bit different today. Not only are we going to chat about a fun and impactful addition to your game nights, but we’re also tackling a big question: Is 3D printing a good hobby? Spoiler alert: It’s not just good.. it’s fantastic! 🌟

The Easter Bilby Game Piece

First off, let me introduce you to the latest from my creative corner – a 3D printable bilby game piece, inspired by the 3D Printing Easter Bilby Project. This project aims to spotlight the plight of Australia’s adorable yet endangered bilbies.

Why focus on bilbies? Well, they’re not just cute; they’re a symbol of the Australian ecosystem that’s currently facing significant threats. And as an Aussie, it’s a cause that hits very close to home. But here’s the special twist – this bilby game piece designed to fit perfectly in the classic “Trouble” game board. Not just that, it’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of other board games, from the strategic paths of Snakes and Ladders to the property battles of Monopoly, or even as a unique character token in your favorite tabletop RPGs.

Here’s the kicker – 3D printing these game pieces is super simple:

  • No supports needed – making your printing journey smooth sailing.
  • Standard settings are perfect – I went with a 0.2 layer height, but feel free to play around for smoother finishes.
  • Most importantly, they’re incredibly fun to use and bring a whole new level of engagement to your favorite board games.

#BilbyLove in every game night? Absolutely! This project isn’t just about adding a unique touch to your board game adventures; it’s about bringing us together for a cause, showing that 3D printing can be both a delightful hobby and a powerful tool for change.

So, Is 3D Printing a Good Hobby?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

  • Creativity Unleashed: From whimsical game pieces to practical household items, the possibilities are endless.
  • Community and Connection: Join a vibrant community of makers, where sharing, learning, and support turn a hobby into a shared passion.
  • Empowerment Through Making: There’s something incredibly satisfying about turning a digital model into a physical object with your own hands.
  • Educational Value: It’s a constant learning experience that encompasses design, engineering, and problem-solving.
  • Making a Difference: As seen with the Easter Bilby Project, 3D printing offers unique opportunities to support causes you care about, making it not just a hobby but a platform for advocacy and awareness.

In wrapping up, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just curious about the world of 3D printing, let this bilby game piece project inspire you to explore the endless possibilities that this hobby offers. It’s about fun, creativity, community, and sometimes, it’s about bringing attention to those in need, one print at a time.

Let’s spread the word, save these cuties, and discover the joys of 3D printing together.

Read more about the bilby project on the project page and download this model for free, share your prints and raise awareness Free to Download: Bilby Game Token!
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A little Christmas Pooh

A little Christmas Pooh

Hey there! How are you doing? Ready for Christmas? Yeah, me neither! 😁 But I’ve got some exciting news – I’ve just finished painting our fun friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, and they’re now adorning my Christmas tree!

I printed these cuties at 50% scale for that extra dose of cuteness. 😉 And guess what? All four models print WITHOUT SUPPORTS – that’s right, Woot!! Fully tested on both resin and FDM printers.

As our wise little Piglet reminds us, “The things that make me different are the things that make me.” These words are a testament to the unique charm each of us brings to the world.

My Little Eeyore

He teaches us that it’s okay to feel blue sometimes. Eeyore might have had his down days, but he was always there for his friends, and in turn, they cherished him, never seeing him as a burden, but as a loved and valued companion.

The Fantabulous, Amazing, and Wonderful Tigger

Always full of energy and ready to bounce because, as we all know, bouncin’ is what Tiggers do best! Tigger, the one and only, finds a family in the friendships forged in the Hundred Acre Wood. We can do the same 🙂

And then, Pooh

Our lovable, simple bear who often surprises us with his profound, sometimes funny, sometimes serious thoughts, always aimed at helping and understanding his friends.

I Hope you enjoy these models as much as I do, and that you will share pictures of your makes with me! Love seeing your work and it always brings a smile to my face!

If you’re excited to bring a little piece of the Hundred Acre Wood into your home this Christmas, you can download these models from my Thangs page. Head over to the SparkyFace5 Thangs page to find them!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours! 🎄
Happy printing


Zak – Fern Gully

Zak – Fern Gully

Hey Sparky People!

Today’s the day! I’m stoked to unveil Zak, the last fantastic face in our Fern Gully 3D adventure. Imagine him, all chill, one hand in his pocket, the other reaching out for a friendly handshake. “hi, I’m Zak”. That heart-warming smile is all for you!

In bringing Zak to life, I’ve trialled a new way of keying parts together, and it’s worked like a dream for me! I’m eager to know how it goes for you. Your feedback is invaluable as it helps enhance the 3D printing experience for the entire Sparky Squad. So, don’t hesitate to share your assembly experiences and show off your finished Zak models! (remember to tag me so I can see your photos @sparkyface5 , #wildSparks)

Together, we’ve breathed 3D life into Batty, reveled in Crysta’s grace, and now we wrap it up with Zak’s cool charm. It’s been a ride full of magic, memories, and Australian allure, just like our favorite Fern Gully tales.

Join the Celebration!

Eager to complete your collection? Swing by to download Zak or read more about the Fern Gully series on the project page and welcome Zak into the fold with Batty and Crysta. Here’s to celebrating the joy of creation together, and to many more adventures ahead!

Thank you, for being a spectacular part of this journey. Keep those creative sparks alive and stay tuned for more wonders ahead!

Crysta – Fern Gully

Crysta – Fern Gully

Hey Sparky Fam!

Remember the entrancing world of “Fern Gully”? It holds a special place in many of our hearts, especially with its vibrant characters. Well, I’ve taken the leap and crafted my first-ever human-like 3D model, inspired by none other than the enchanting fairy, Crysta.

I’ll be honest; this was a challenging endeavour. Humanoid figures, or fairy figures in this case, come with their unique complexities. But when I saw the final product, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Crysta emerged beautifully, mirroring the spirit of the film and her character’s essence.

Crysta’s story in the film resonated with so many of us. It’s a tale of personal growth, discovery, and most significantly, the strength of character and self-expression. Through the eyes of the smitten Zac, she was a “totally bodacious babe!” But what’s striking about Crysta is her oblivion to such labels. She’s free-spirited, optimistic, and carries an infectious curiosity about the world around her. Her nurturing and empathetic nature just adds layers to her allure.

In this 3D model, I aimed to encapsulate that very essence. The pose is more than just a stance; it’s a narrative. It speaks of magic, wonder, and that burning curiosity which drives Crysta throughout the film.

For those of you who’ve been following along, you know I’ve also ventured into the Fern Gully realm with Batty Koda. If you’re keen to bring a slice of Fern Gully magic into your space, both these models, including our lovely Crysta, are available for download on my Thangs page for all members.

Dive back into the world of Fern Gully with me. Let’s relive the magic, one print at a time!

Stay sparky!

Click the image below to download and 3d print Crysta

Learn more about the Fern Gully series of 3d models on the project page click:

Batty Koda – Fern Gully

Batty Koda – Fern Gully

If you’ve ever searched for a “Batty Koda 3D model” or just reminisced about the iconic “Fern Gully characters”, you know that this one bat stands out from the rest. Batty Koda, with his unforgettable antics and heart, brings back so many memories for many of us, especially given that he was voiced by the legendary Robin Williams (my favourite actor ever!)

When I started introducing the 3D model of our quirky bat friend around the 3d printing communities I was met with a plethora of positive responses. So many of you mentioned how much you or your loved ones cherished Fern Gully. Many suggested any Robin Williams-voiced characters were just always the absolute best. And honestly, who could argue? It seems there is a deep underground fan base for this classic 90’s movie and myself among them I couldn’t be happier to find you here!

If you are unfamiliar, let me introduce you: Batty Koda is a kooky bat from the movie Fern Gully (a movie set in the Australia just like me !) his brains are scrambled from all the animal testing he had endured and he was voiced by one of my fav actors Robin Williams! So you can already imagine his character right? Hilarious, spontaneous, a little crazy.. but also caring, kind and loyal, always ready and hoping to put a smile on your face regardless of the situation. he was a great personification of Robin himself.

While creating the model, my goal was to encapsulate not just Batty’s look, but his essence, the spark that Robin gave him. A tribute to the bat whose brains might’ve been a tad scrambled but whose heart was always in the right place. I’ve loved hearing your feedback. It’s been a heart-warming trip down memory lane, sharing stories, laughs, and the pure joy that comes from reminiscing about the good old days.

If you’ve printed Batty, I’d LOVE to see how he turned out. And if you have any Robin Williams favourites or Fern Gully memories, do share. Let’s keep this delightful nostalgia trip going!

Click the image below to download and 3d print Batty

3d printed batty koda from Fern Gully, voiced by Robin Williams. Printed in Siraya Tech navy grey resin.

Learn more about the Fern Gully series of 3d models on the project page click:

Penguin King has arrived

Penguin King has arrived

Last week we earned $50 USD for charity from the Thangs leaderboard, Lets see if we can do it again! 

This week’s effort begins with none other than the ever confident leader , directing his troops from the front lines completely sure in their ability to overcome any challenge! I hope you enjoy the hilarity of these little guys as much as I do! They come across as fierce and formidable, unstoppable and powerful, but in execution they are just small and cute, throwing snowballs that crash softly against their enemies causing little to no damage at all. They are unwilling to concede to this reality, their characters have a confidence and moxie that I truly enjoy.

Last weeks troops have been added to the Patreon/ thangs membership rewards so all SparkyFace5 supporters can access them any time and build a great army! I am currently keeping both platforms running, so if you prefer one over you get to choose.

Lastly I’d love to hear any feedback you guys have on the Thangs experience from your side. For me it has many advantages over Patreon and a few frustrating aspects and I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.