The Journey Behind The Otter Family

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Life is often full of unexpected twists and turns, even in areas where we least expect it, such as a seemingly simple 3D printing project. In my latest creation, “The Otter Family,” I found myself grappling with such unforeseen challenges that ultimately culminated in a uniquely enriching journey.

This 3D printing project began as an innocent endeavour—a cute otter inspired by Finding Dory as a heart-warming surprise for my husband who adores these playful animals. It seemed straightforward enough, but as I embarked on the design process, I was met with an unforeseen torrent of frustration.

As the project progressed, each shape seemed off, every alteration fell short, and even after five iterations, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of dissatisfaction. My morale dwindled, my confidence wavered, and despite others praising the work-in-progress model, I found myself overwhelmed by the glaring flaws I perceived. We all have days like this right?

In need of a reprieve, I took a break from the project and devoted a full day to my family. Unplugged and offline, we spent a refreshing day filled with bike rides, tree climbing, a quest for banana bread (there was none to be found anywhere! Apparently we are in the middle of the great banana bread shortage of 2023!), we explored the local shopping centre, tried the massage chairs, got haircuts and more. This brief pause served as the rejuvenating breath of fresh air I didn’t realize I needed.

Re-energized, I returned to my project with fresh eyes and a new perspective. This time, instead of a lonely otter, I saw an opportunity for a family. My family, loving and supportive, mirrored in these cute, squishy otters. In the face of frustration and stress, a beautiful transformation took place, and “The Otter Family” was born. Each otter in this model symbolizes resilience, transformation, growth, and most importantly, the boundless love within a family.

Today, I am excited to share this journey and creation, born from challenge and love, with you all. This supportless model is available for download via thangs.

Read more: Click the image below to go to the project page


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