Sculpting Smiles with Octonauts Vegimals: A Journey into the Deep Blue of Creativity

Sculpting Smiles with Octonauts Vegimals: A Journey into the Deep Blue of Creativity

As many of you know, I’m not just a 3D artist, but also a proud Mum to two eager adventurers who share a love for all things undersea – especially when it comes to the Octonauts and their cute, quirky, and utterly delightful Vegimals.

For the uninitiated, the Octonauts is an animated series that submerges young viewers into the fascinating world of marine biology. Among their ranks are the Vegimals, a lovable bunch of half-vegetable, half-animal helpers who add a splash of humour and cheer to the Octonauts’ undersea adventures.

As a parent, it’s always a delight to see your kids’ faces light up in fascination. When I first set out to 3D print some Octonaut figures for my little ones, I found that existing models didn’t quite capture the charm of the show’s characters. Then, an idea bubbled up: why not create my own Octonauts Vegimals 3D models? And so, with Turnip and Barrot as my starting point, I ventured into creating our very own undersea crew.

The reactions I received upon presenting the first two Vegimal test prints to my boys were beyond words – fascination, joy, and a flurry of questions filled the air. “wow, are these the Vegimals!?” “How did you do it, Mum?” “Can you make the rest of the Vegimals?” “can we paint them?” Seeing their eyes light up with such excitement was all the encouragement I needed to add more members to our 3D printed Vegimal crew.

In many ways, the antics of my children and the Vegimals mirror each other, providing a constant source of laughter and appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Watching the world through their eyes, igniting sparks of curiosity, and fueling their passion for creativity are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent and an artist.

With every new Vegimal model, the eagerness of my boys grows – from painting their unique Vegimal figures to expressing a keen interest in learning to sculpt. Their enthusiasm is a powerful reminder that the world of 3D printing is more than just bringing characters to life; it’s about creating experiences, stimulating curiosity, and, most importantly, crafting memories.

So, here’s to more undersea adventures, Octonauts-inspired creations, and most importantly, shared smiles with our loved ones. Remember, with creativity and 3D printing, we’re not just making objects; we’re sculpting joy and wonder, one Vegimal at a time.

Until next time, keep those 3D printers humming, keep exploring, and as the Octonauts would say, “Explore! Rescue! Protect!”

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Racing into Battle, LET’S GOOO !!!

Racing into Battle, LET’S GOOO !!!

This week All Our Penguin Army Models are FREE to download and 3d print as we take on the Thangs Leaderboard for Charity!!

With your help we can win up to $100USD to donate to a great cause each week!! WOW!

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The Myth of “Self Taught”

The Myth of “Self Taught”

Language is important. It shapes our stories, both the ones we tell ourselves and those we share with the world.

On the surface the term “Self Taught” is generally accepted as meaning that someone has acquired a skill set without any formal education. But is this really the case? Usually not. In fact, the term is a misnomer at best, an egotistical lie at worst. When flaunted as a status symbol, it prompts the question: Are you truly self-taught, self-made… or merely self-centered?

While I never attended an arts college, I am far from self-taught. My learning sources have been many – books, tutorials, YouTube marathons, wisdom shared by peers, other artists, and even an friendly old man at a bus stop. Each has shaped my artistic journey in their own unique way, and to label myself as “self-taught” would obscure their invaluable contributions.

The paths we tread are forged by countless teachers and mentors, many of whom we will never meet, and who will never know of the role they’ve played in our lives. We are not “self taught”.

So what are we then? Self directed learners? Community-taught? I don’t know, but I do know the term ‘Self taught’ at it’s core is a lonely road, and despite the superficial intent behind its most common usage,

language is important.

Community Challenge: Let’s Top the Thangs Leaderboard for Charity!

Community Challenge: Let’s Top the Thangs Leaderboard for Charity!

Hey there, Sparky Squad!

I’m sure you know by now that we’ve been on a thrilling journey with, the fresh-faced hub for all things 3D encouraging creativity, and innovation. But buckle up, because we’re taking a new turn with the Thangs Creator Contest!

This weekly challenge allows us 3D creators to rack up points that we can exchange for physical goodies from Thangs Partners. But here’s the thing – we’re not just doing it for the goodies, but for a cause that matters. Every prize we snatch from this leaderboard challenge will be handed straight to charity.

Curious about how to gather points? Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Unique uploads (10 points, capped at 50): I’ll be regularly sharing unique models to keep our score climbing.
  • Unique downloads (5 points): Whenever a Sparkyface5 model gets downloaded, we gain points! You know what to do.
  • New follows (5 points): If you haven’t followed the SparkyFace5 on Thangs yet, it’s time to hit that button. Each new follower adds points to our tally, provided I’ve uploaded a new model that week. It’s a team effort.
  • New likes (3 points): Show some love to our models to help us bag more points.
  • Remixes (25 points): If remixing is your thing, publishing a remix of our models (that are available for remixing) or remixing a model for the first time in a week nets us a huge points boost.

The Thangs Creator Contest resets every week, from Friday through Thursday EST. Our collective efforts could secure between $30 to $100 each week for a deserving charity! That’s up to $400 a month!!

So, my fellow Sparks, let’s engage with the SparkyFace5 models on Thangs and make our way up that leaderboard, turning our shared passion for 3D printing into a force for good.

Download, like, share, follow, and let’s use our collective spark to light up the world.


The Little Carved Moose – A Symbol of Shared Emotions and Timeless Bonds

The Little Carved Moose – A Symbol of Shared Emotions and Timeless Bonds


I’m delighted to share with you my latest 3D model, the Little Carved Moose, inspired by the movie, ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines.’ This petite carving brims with powerful emotions, resonating with a depth that may seem surprising for something so small.

When I first spotted this miniature moose on screen, I was instantly moved by the swell of nostalgia, love, hope, and sorrow it seemed to radiate. It’s more than just a keepsake; it’s a symbol of family, of the bonds we forge, fracture, and fix, and of time’s inexorable march that alters everything in its path.

I felt a profound connection to it, a pull that drove me to recreate it.

I hope this model reverberates with you as it does with me

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Brawling into Action

Spike from Brawl Stars is Here!

You might remember this prickly little fella from our Twitch streams. He’s finally ready to jump into your 3D printing queue.

Spike’s been chomping at the bit (or should I say, ‘the cactus’?) to get into the action. Holding his signature cactus grenade and flashing a winning smile, Spike’s personality really shines through in this model. He can stand tall on his own, but if he’s feeling a bit wobbly, there’s a base to help keep him grounded.

As you may have noticed our Patreon models are now also available on Thangs memberships, so for those of you who have subscribed there, Spike is waiting for you as well.

More to come on this soon, but in the meantime, keep spreading the Spark, and happy printing!

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